Welcome to Te Aroha Primary School 2024


“Accept the Challenge”

For Children, teachers and caregivers to take responsibility to… learn, teach, improve, communicate, progress, share, practice inspire and inform.

The vision for our school is for children to:

B – believe in yourself

A – achieve to the best of your ability 

S – succeed now and in the future

Believing in yourself means that you:

  • Have faith in yourself  
  • Trust that you can do anything  
  • Keep trying if it doesn’t work out the first time you do something  
  • Know you can do something even if you haven’t done it before  
  • Think positively  Say to yourself “I CAN DO IT!”


Achieving means that you:  

  • Reach your goals  Complete something you set out to do.
  • Try your best – even if you aren’t good at it until you get there. 
  • To achieve means that you make your dreams a reality. It takes practice, hard work and perseverance. You can’t give up!  
  • When you try to achieve something, it doesn’t always happen the first time so you need to be focused and believe that you can do it!


Succeeding Now and In The Future means:  

  • That you are focused and keep setting goals to achieve so you know where you are heading.

Te Aroha Primary is the oldest school in Te Aroha having been established in 1881. 

From humble beginnings, it became the Te Aroha District High School all on the present campus with a roll of nearly 700 students. In 1959 the college-age children moved to a new Te Aroha College on the other side of the Waihou River on Stanley Avenue.

Many of the local residents have fond memories of their primary and early college years spent on our campus.