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Learning at TAPS

The Murals

The three murals ”Waihou”, “Tikapa Moana” and “Te Moananui- a- Kiwa” , symbolise the three hubs of Te Aroha Primary School respectively. Each hub is metaphorically represented by a waka travelling on a journey.

You start your journey on a waka on the Waihou River passing through the community of Te Aroha from its headwaters. The waka is you and you are the waka. This is the concept of AU.

It makes its way north to Tikapa Moana, the Hauraki Gulf.  The sea is your whanaunga so children need to surround themselves with people who matter and can support them.

From there the sea opens out into the great Pacific Ocean, Te Moananui- a –Kiwa. This is where your horizons are broadened to the world and your connections to it – whakawhanaungatanga.

A single-hulled waka is replaced by double-hulled waka with more complex sails at different stages and represents the progression of growth, maturity and independence of students on their learning journey.

The murals include a variety of Maori design features such as kowhaiwhai, as well as Pasifika star and turtle icons symbolising navigation and aspirational ideas.

Hub 1 - Waihou Hub

Hub 2 - Tikapa Moana Hub

Hub 3 - Te Moananui a kiwa

Waihou Hub, Hub 1, is made up of children in the New Entrant, Year 1 and Year 2 classes. Mrs Jenny Johnson is the team leader in Waihou Hub.

Tikapa Moana Hub, Hub 2, is made up of children in Year 3, 4 and 5 and sometimes some year six children. The Team Leader in Tikapa Moana Hub is Mrs Megan Paul.

Te Moananui A Kiwa Hub, or Hub 3, is made up of children in years 6, 7 and 8. The Team Leader in Te Moananui A Kiwa Hub is Mrs Holly Brittenden (Mrs B).