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Please contact the school to have the latest enrolment pack posted or emailed to you.

Pre Enrolment

Welcome to Te Aroha Primary School

As you plan your child’s start to school we know this can be an overwhelming time with many decisions which need to be made.  We hope to be able to assist you in making the right choice for you and your family. At Te Aroha Primary School we encourage an inclusive and caring culture where children can establish the solid foundations they need to make their way through life.

We look forward to having your child start their learning journey with us!

Enrolment Next Steps…

If your child will shortly be turning 5 we can help you with your next step. 

  • Make an appointment at the school office and the principal will be happy to show you around the school.
  • When you have made the decision to enrol your child, pop into the school office where our secretary will give you the enrolment information and walk through the process ahead.  Alternatively you can complete our online enrolment form and then drop in with your child’s birth certificate or passport and immunization information to the office.
  • Prior to your child starting they will be invited to three pre-school visits, we ask that you or a family member comes with them to their visit.  The visits are normally for one block  on the first visit , two on the second and then the full day on the third. This will give your child a sense of what a day might run like.
  • Te Aroha primary runs a special transition to school programme called Ready Set Go. When your child is four and a half years old they are welcome to attend this programme once a fortnight.
  • Te Aroha Primary offers a very special start to school in our New Entrant class.   Students are moved from the new entrant classes in small groups as they become ready to transition through to a bigger classroom. This more personalized approach we have found makes the sometimes daunting transition a lot easier for children and parents.


Children at Te Aroha Primary School are required to wear the appropriate school uniform to school each day.

Summer uniform is worn in Term 1 and 4 and winter uniform is worn in Term 2 and 3.

Summer Uniform consists of:    

● School sun hat (compulsory)
● Green polo shirt with school logo
● Navy Polo shirt with school logo
● Green polo fleece top with school logo (optional in summer) and /or School Jacket
● School navy blue shorts
● School navy blue skorts
● School navy blue track bottom (optional in summer) (no sweatpants material)
● Sensible shoes

Winter uniform consists of:

● School Beanie (optional)
● Green polo shirt with school logo
● Navy Polo shirt with school logo
● Green polo fleece top with school logo and/or school jacket
● School navy blue shorts
● School navy blue skorts
● School navy blue track bottom (no sweatpants material)
● Tights – black, dark or navy blue (optional) NO COMPRESSION CLOTHING
● Sensible shoes

● Navy blue or black long sleeve tops/thermals may be worn under the polo shirt (optional). No other colours are permitted.
● A wrist watch is permitted.
● Shorts/ skorts must be worn on the fields or in the sandpit.
● A reminder, Heelys,Ugg boots or high heeled boots are not sensible shoes for children to wear to school. Slippers are for wearing inside only.
● 1 pair of stud earrings is permitted.   No sleepers or hoop/ dangle earrings.
● If you have a nose piercing then a clear retainer must be worn.
● No other jewellery is permitted except 1 necklace of cultural or religious significance which cannot be seen.

We want our students to be neat and tidy and a good example of what our school stands for when they are at school and out in the community.

Our School office is now online with myKindo, and taking uniform orders.
All of the above uniforms are available on myKindo and can be collected from the office (except the shoes)

ERO Report

For more information about Te Aroha Primary please click here to our latest ERO report. Click here to view

School Polices / School Docs

We use School Docs for our School Policies.



password: school





LEARNING SPACE/SPOTLIGHT STUDENT LEARNING is connected to the eTAP @school that parents can log into.

We’re excited to share that this year, we’ve introduced Spotlight as a new tool for tracking and reporting on your child’s learning progress and achievements. Spotlight is now integrated into our eTAP student management system, streamlining all assessment and learning information into one convenient location.


To access Spotlight, simply log in to the @school parent portal on your computer or use the @school parent app on your phone. If you’re already using the portal or app, keep an eye out for a new “Spotlight” button that will be added in the coming days. Clicking on this button will grant you access to your child’s digital portfolio showcasing their progress and achievements.


We understand that transitioning to Spotlight may seem daunting, but it offers many features and benefits that our previous system, Seesaw, couldn’t provide. Our teachers have dedicated time this term to familiarize themselves with Spotlight and have already begun posting evidence of your children’s learning and achievements. However, we acknowledge that we’re still in the learning phase ourselves and may not yet be experts in utilizing all of its features.


We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to explore and learn how to maximize the potential of Spotlight. Rest assured, we’re committed to providing you with the best tools and resources to support your child’s educational journey.

SPOTLIGHT enables students to:
● Access their own learning pathway (anytime, anywhere and on any device);
● See their own progress towards meeting their learning targets;
● Set a timeframe to complete their most important learning goal;
● Access digital learning content for each assigned set;
● Upload evidence of their learning against each goal so the teacher can sign that goal as achieved.
● Access their learning timetable each week, seeing when they will be working with the teacher and any follow-up exercises.
● Access the class timetable and challenge themselves to attend another learning group if they wish (we are working towards this end goal)
● Get up-to-date feedback and comments from teachers about their learning progress.
● Get feedback and comments from their parents about their learning progress.

Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

View the 2021 Annual Financial Report by clicking on this link


On enrolment, parents are supplied with the stationery list for their child’s particular class.

Getting to and from School

Most of our students either walk, cycle or scooter to school. Others are dropped off by their parents by car.

There is a Ministry bus available for children who live rurally in the Mangaiti area. This needs to be arranged with the school office


If your child is to be absent from school for any reason then this must be reported to the school office. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Using the Etap app to inform the school.
  • Leaving a message on the school answer phone.
  • Texting a message to the school mobile phone.
  • Emailing the school
  • Using the website to send the school a message.

School Reports and Learning Discussions

Our school reports to parents on the progress and achievement of their children through written reports and Learning Discussions.

A written report is sent home for each child in June and again in December.

Learning Discussions are held in March and in July each year where the class teacher, the parent and the child get together to discuss the child’s learning. Parents book an appointment time online on the particular days set aside for these Learning Discussions.

Parents are welcome to make appointments outside of these times to discuss any aspects of their child’s education.

Payments / Kindo

Similar to many other schools throughout NZ, our School provides a straightforward and efficient method for viewing and paying for school items and contributing to fundraisers.

We highly recommend utilising this preferred payment method and can help you to establish your myKindo account today. 

New Kindo users can simply click on ‘Create Account’ to begin. All that’s required is the email address associated with your school records.

For families seeking guidance on getting started with Kindo, please click here.

Existing account holders can easily log in using the ‘myKindo Login’ tab. If you have an account with another school or organisation, you can update your details on the ‘my details’ page.

Payment options include Credit or Debit card, Poli internet payment, Online Eftpos, and Online bank transfer.

For handy tips and tricks to navigate your myKindo account, click here.

To access the myKindo app, simply create your account and then search for the myKindo app on Google Play or the App Store to download it.


Let us know in the school office how we can help you by emailing admin@tearohaprimary.school.nz subject- KINDO
OR Contact Kindo via 

Kindo helpdesk is open 8am to 4pm weekdays.

Freephone: 0508 4 KINDO (0508 454 636)

Email: hello@mykindo.co.nz 

Online support: support.mykindo.co.nz

Concerns and Complaints Process